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KELIKI PAINTING CLASS Learn Balinese Traditional Keliki Painting from local artists in a unique Culture setting. Practice the unique technique of Keliki painting with traditional materials and techniques. A local master artist will walk you through the process step by step working with you to create your own masterpiece to take home. This workshop is suitable for all ages and abilities. Together with the teacher you will gain an understanding of both the process as well as the traditional motif which give these work such depth and meaning. Learning about egg-painting in a traditional Balinese art style. This class conducted by locals will teach the basics of various Balinese egg-painting styles, such as the best ways to paint on an egg. You'll get to experience trying out a few styles including landscapes, floral and colour themes with close help from the teachers. Traditional Balinese egg painting class in the arts and cultural village of Ubud, Learn the basics behind traditional and ancient Balinese painting styles on the unique slate of an egg and Have a go at it yourself painting your own egg! This is a great way to spend a day, whether you're an artist, or a beginner. enjoy learning how batik is made in this relaxed studio in Ubud, This is an experience everyone should try. Our team are passionate about our craft and eager to share our knowledge and talent. It is truly bring out the artist in you. Not only is it a truly memorable and inspiring experience - it's convenient too.You'll learn the traditional art form using organic dyes and hot wax. We supply Includes all the materials you need to make your own original batik. The class is held in a casual but comfortable studio in the family home compound and is run by master artist. You can do everything stage of the process yourself under our guidance. T-Shirt Painting WOOD AND STONE CARVING

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Campuhan Ridge Walk

Enjoying the Amazing Nature of Ubud Along Ridge Walk, This Campuhan ridge walk is the best place for you to experience the trekking activity. It’s more than only hiking trail, through its path will accompany you to explore Ubud in amazing natural side. You will feel a peaceful atmosphere attack your mind after entering this ridge. You may say this place is like the heaven of beauty with full of romantic impression in every single view. Just looking at the wonderful elephant grass swaying to the wind, catching the picture of coconut tree stand remarkably among the rice field, and also hearing the sound of insects and gurgling river are the great hidden treasure that you would find along the trail. Actually before you can reach this ridge walk, a bonus will wait for you in front of gates.  You are welcomed by one of the larger Temples nearby of the meeting point of the rivers; it’s obviously stunning. 

Surprisingly, along your trekking will see one and more old Balinese farmers doing some work with their field. If you’re lucky, perhaps you will see a sketch of Agung Mountain (The biggest mountain Bali) from your distance. Follow your path; it will lead you to meet more beautiful rice field and its terrace, so incredibly exotic. This wonderful walk also takes a moment through a traditional village and plenty of small art galleries.

You will see this kind of short trip with fully art and nature package inside. In the middle of your trekking, you can break the trip and enjoy yourself with a delicious coffee, fresh juices and meal in the local café in some spot along your way. The Campuhan ridge walk may an answer for those of you who want to get away from the busy road in Ubud town and try to explore into real countryside.

Don’t forget: your camera, a bottle of water (the closest shop is about 1.5-2km from the start) sunglasses and sunscreen, and a hat could come in useful too. Take some money also if you’d like to buy some art or some food at the cafe.

Best time to go: early morning, around 7:30. I went at 9am and that was a bit too hot. It’s June now, so the sun rises at around 6am, so anytime after that is great.

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